It's not a problem to learn five yoga exercises to lose your belly.
2019-10-14 15:18

Look up at the sky

First of all, face down and lie on stilts to breed forks. Put your hands on your chest. Then slowly raise your head. Take your shoulders and chest off the ground in turn. Remember to push the shoulder down hard. Keep this action for 2 or 2 seconds and then lie down slowly. This action allows you to dilate your lungs. It can also make you feel relaxed.

Thoracic lateral leg splitting

First lie on your side with your hands around your head and your elbows forward. Slowly open your elbows and lift your legs up. Keep your legs and elbows as close as possible and hold this position for 2 seconds. Relax. Do it three times. Come back on the other side.

Knee up

Lie face up flat on the mat, raise your legs and bend your knees. Place your hands down flat. Exhale, raise your head, lift your shoulders and head off the mat. After lifting up, keep your arms taut and straight, and wave them up and down six times. Next, hold the position to 100. Finally, relax slowly and lie down.

Raise your arms and raise your legs.

This action makes you feel balanced and powerful. The strength of your abdomen will be reflected in this position. Lie on all fours. Hands and shoulders are the same width, knees and buttocks are the same. Lift your left arm, level with your shoulder. Lift your right leg. Hold your posture, push your palms forward, loosen back and change sides.

Put down position

This position can tighten your belly. Needless to say, it also seems easy to do and difficult to do. Be careful. Keep doing push-ups. The palms are shoulder-wide. The head is raised in line with the spine. Keep moving. This keeps your abdomen and PP strong. Relax when you feel tired.

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