What are the precautions for white-collar running
2019-10-14 09:18

Running time:

You can start running in half an hour after meals. Don't start running after meals. It's not good to eat too much. 9 cents is enough.


Be careful to bring money or water. Usually running out is simple, so remember to take money to buy water, or to bring your own drinks. Don't drink ice water.

Pay attention to the weather:

If the weather forecast says it's raining, or if it feels like it's going to rain, try not to go out, or run too far. I suggest going to the gym.


Running pay attention to the choice of shoes, choose breathable, light shoes. Don't wear pants and run with long sleeves (except in winter, when it's cold).


Don't run around a place in a circle. If you run for a long time, you will be tired. Everyone has a sense of novelty. Every day, you plan different routes according to the actual situation.

Before running, you can do some small exercises, such as kneading the key and moving your thighs. Or go jogging and warm up for five minutes.

When running, lean forward. It's easier to run with gravity. Pay attention to breathing adjustment. Don't look down. Look ahead.

If you run faster, be careful not to sit down immediately after running, but walk slowly for a long distance.

When you get home, you'd better soak your lower feet in hot water, which can alleviate muscle fatigue. It's convenient to continue running the next day.

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