Is autumn weak, listless and prone to long spots? It's all caused by moisture!
2019-10-12 11:29

An autumn rain and a cold, autumn rain in late autumn, the temperature dropped sharply. In rainy weather, you feel everything is so bad, the whole person is listless, the alarm clock rings for a long time in the morning, before getting up, dressing, dizziness, it seems to forget a lot of things. You ask, what's wrong?

When brushing your teeth, you can't help startling when you open your mouth. The original tongue becomes abnormal. There are dental marks and white fur tongue. You still feel nothing. But do not want to defecate, feces are sparse and not shaped, adhere to the toilet, a bucket of water flushing down can not be cleaned at all. When the tongue and defecation are like this, it means that there is moisture in the body, and the moisture is very serious. Once the moisture is wrapped around the body, it becomes very bad.

Attention must be paid to humidity

We say: 10 people nine wet, it can be seen that humidity does not appear alone in a person, many people may appear humidity, humidity once aggravated, that is bad. More often, we think that humidity is influenced by nature. Heavy and humid air in nature can cause humidity. Secondly, some raw and cold food can also cause humidity. Once the humidity is too heavy, it will damage our Yang and have a great impact on body regulation.

So you're thinking, why does dampness hurt your body, and how does it get on your body?

First of all, dampness will invade your spleen and stomach constantly, resulting in spleen and stomach disorders, and then dampness will affect the kidney, heart and lungs, slowly the internal liver, gallbladder, bladder, etc., are not immune. That is to say, our liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, stomach may have moisture, once the moisture is too heavy, it is dangerous.

Moisture in the liver

When dampness occurs in liver and gallbladder, it can cause jaundice, rib pain, gallbladder distension, and even stones because of heavy dampness.

Moisture in the lungs

When dampness occurs in the lungs, it can cause coughing, phlegm, asthma, etc.

Dampness in the spleen

When dampness occurs in the spleen, constipation, dysentery and blood in the stool will occur.

Moisture in the heart

When moisture occurs in the heart, it can cause dizziness, stroke, insomnia, palpitations and so on.

In addition to the beginning of the article, the changes of tongue coating and loose stool are the manifestations of dampness. Long spots on the face, greasy gloss on the face, unclear voice, greasy hair and peculiar smell of leucorrhea also reflect the fact that your body is heavier humidity.

The dampness is very serious to the body. How to keep healthy is the key. In this suggestion dietary regulation, take this medicine dietary therapy, the effect will be better.

Dietotherapy to remove dampness

Removing dampness is not only a kind of food material, but also requires many kinds of prescriptions: red beans, chicken gold, yam, qinshi, jujube, honeysuckle, coix, Sophora flower, pueraria, konjac powder, lily, plantain, lentil, almond, lotus seed, almond, purslane, Poria cocos, wolfberry, lotus leaf and other 20 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines, which are very good for removing dampness.

Among them, adzuki beans, sagebrush and coix are common ingredients for removing dampness. Can continuously remove the liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, lung, kidney moisture. Porridge cooking, or boiled water drinking, can effectively remove moisture, especially suitable for autumn dehumidification.

There are so many reasons why dampness is easy to appear in autumn and its manifestation. It can remove dampness by eating Baishiqing. I hope you can pay more attention to scientific nursing so as to get rid of dampness and health.

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