If you eat more than this amount of wolfberry, it will hurt your life. Don't follow the trend blindly any more
2020-02-18 11:47

Every time I talk about medlar, many friends have something to say: cheap and healthy. It's good to drink some water every day. It's good to keep eyes and body.

However, you may have questions about how much you eat every day. You have received a message in the background:

How much is wolfberry best to eat a day?

I really need to pay attention to this. It's said that wolfberry is good, but the more, the better, isn't it?

Eat wolfberry. Don't exceed that

suitable for medicine and food

Lycium barbarum is sweet and smooth. It can be used to nourish the liver and kidney and benefit the astute. It can be used to treat the waist and knee tenderness, dizziness, eyesight, tinnitus, seminal emission and other diseases caused by deficiency of liver and kidney and deficiency of blood essence. If you usually have these symptoms, easy to dry mouth, insomnia, you can try.

Modern pharmacological research also shows that Lycium barbarum mainly contains Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, betaine, carotene, etc., which has the functions of regulating human immune function, promoting hematopoiesis, protecting liver, anticancer, anti-aging and so on. People with poor immunity and poor liver are suitable to eat medlar.

Therefore, it is a good choice for both medicine and health food.

Chinese wolfberry topped the list of 63 dual-use medicines and foods released by the Ministry of health. It's good for us to eat a little bit every day.

about 10 g / day is recommended

However, Lycium barbarum, after all, is a tonic. If you eat too much Lycium barbarum, you may easily get angry and have nosebleeds and uncomfortable eyes.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to eat about 10 grams of wolfberry every day, and try not to exceed 20 grams. This number is about a handful if you grasp it skillfully

In addition, medlar can be used for both medicine and food. Generally, medlar can be used, but people who are prone to allergies may be allergic to medlar. They should be careful to use medlar. If they are uncomfortable after eating medlar, they should stop eating it immediately.

Note that if there is a cold, fever, diarrhea, inflammation of the body is also best not to eat medlar.

Learn 4 moves to pick out the best medlar

People who often eat Lycium barbarum know that Ningxia produces the best Lycium barbarum. So, how to choose when you arrive at the market?

Let's see.

A good medlar is oblate, spindle shaped or oval, with a large body; it is red or dark red, with a white dot at the tip tip tip.

The quality of Lycium barbarum is short and round, with small head, thin skin and little flesh, translucent, and the seeds are indistinct, without white spots.

Two pinch

Grab a medlar, gently pinch it in your hand, and let it go. The good quality ones will not agglomerate and will be easy to disperse. But the inferior wolfberry granules are easy to stick together.

Three bubbles

Soak the wolfberry in clear boiling water. Good Chinese wolfberry usually doesn't sink very fast, but floats on it. The inferior wolfberry will sink into the bottom of the cup in large quantities.

Four taste

The first-class wolfberry tastes sweet and delicious, without bitterness and other peculiar smell; while the inferior wolfberry may have some bitter taste.

Is black wolfberry better than red wolfberry on the market?

At present, there is no scientific research to prove that black wolfberry has unique value and its cost performance is not high. If you don't need money to try, you can buy some to try; if you want to pursue the health preserving effect, the red medlar is very good.

The four most healthy ways to eat Chinese wolfberry

1. bubble tea

In this weather, Lycium barbarum is most often used to make water, so it is excellent to match it with flower tea:

Method: take 10 grams of wolfberry fruit and 8 chrysanthemums, take them with boiling water, add mulberry leaves and other mixed drinks as appropriate.

Comments: chrysanthemum has the effect of dispersing wind and heat, clearing liver and eyesight. With medlar, it can not only relieve wind and heat, detoxify, but also nourish kidney and essence, nourish liver and eyesight. Often drink this kind of flower tea, it can effectively relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue or dry eyes, which is very suitable for people who use computers or mobile phones.

2. make sugar water.

Come to a bowl of cool sugar water to nourish and nourish:

Method: soak proper amount of snow ear, lotus seed, job's tears and Lily in clear water one night in advance to soften them. Boil with lotus seed, job's tears, Lily and 1600 ml clear water. Turn the water to low heat and simmer. In addition, the medlar and jujube were soaked in water. One hour later, the red dates and wolfberry will be picked up, the red dates will be diced, and wolfberry will be put into the pot together, and then stewed for another hour with icing sugar to taste.

Comment: this method takes time, but the boiled sugar water is thick, the medicine is soft, and the taste is good. Snow ear and lotus seed soup is a good nourishing sugar water, which is beneficial to the lung, spleen and beauty.

3. dish

For southerners, it's not a fresh way to eat Chinese wolfberry in soup or porridge. If you haven't, you can try.

Next, I'd like to recommend a dish, medlar baby dish.

Method: prepare a bowl of high soup (chicken soup and bone soup), and put the baby cauliflower into the bowl. Add in the soup, sprinkle with medlar, put the bowl into the pot and steam. After the water is boiled, continue to steam for about 20-30 minutes, and then out of the pot.

Comments: according to traditional Chinese medicine, baby dishes are mild cold and nontoxic. They can nourish the stomach, promote the body fluid, relieve thirst, diuresis, relieve constipation and heat. Medlar and baby dishes are steamed together, which is delicious and nutritious.

4. Direct dry chewing

According to the medical case of Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in modern times, chewing a medlar before going to bed can not only mediate Yin and Yang in the body, quench thirst and promote fluid production, but also replenish qi and prolong life.

For people who don't want to toss, it's most convenient to eat wolfberry directly! In fact, this kind of eating method will absorb more nutrients, which is conducive to play its health care effect.

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